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When you join, you will get access to our team who will work with you to customize and execute your retail plan to make sure you meet all the requirements to get into retailers. When you have executed your plan, you will also get access to the retail team that will help you pitch your products to buyers so you can get on the shelf.

The main difference in the BASIC and PRO plan is the type of retailers you are targeting. Small retailers vs Big Box retailers.

If you need the assitance of an an expert, we will pair you with the best expert for your brand.

We offer over 30 different retail-ready services to help our brands prepare for the shelf. Click HERE to view the services. This will give you access to over $10,000 worth of exclusive deals and discounts from our partners and experts in every category.

If you have the PREMIUM membership, you will get access to top Target Readiness team in the nation to prepare for Target stores.