We work with CPG Founders throughout their entire retail journey!

We have the experts and resources needed for every stage.

Stage 1: "Fine tune" your brand and get the finishing touches to ensure you are 100% retail-ready.

Stage 2: Launch your product in local and regional retailers.

Stage 3: Launch your products in national retailers.

Stage 4: Increase sales and become a Category Leader!

We understand our member's needs, goals, and budget to curate the perfect team of experts based on details such as category, product, region, revenue/stage, and retailer preferences.

´╗┐Our Success Teams have well established relationships with buyers. They help our members with buyer meetings, onboarding, category reviews, product placement, promotions/marketing, retail displays, analytics, inventory management, and more.

Getting on the shelf is the easy part, selling off the shelf takes a full-service team working behind the scenes.

Jessica Thomas
Founder & CEO

We are uniquely positioned to help Minority and Female Brands grow and scale in retail. Our goal is to make sure you are fully prepared for retail. Yes, we can help you get on the shelf but we also want to make sure you can get off the shelf and into consumer's hands. I have spent the last few years working directly with Minority and Women-owned brands to learn their challenges. This subset of emerging brands is very different from other suppliers so the typical "retail model" does not work for them. One of the reasons why there has not been much progress in the retail industry for supplier diversity is because no one has figured out a business model that will work for Minority and Female entreprenuers...........until now. We look forward to assisting you.

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